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Christmas Tree Varieties

Merrywood Farm grows and sells many varieties of Christmas Trees.  Some of our most popular are pictured below. 

Not pictured but also available are: Sequoia, White Pine, Silver Fir, Turkish Fir and Spruce. 

Noble Fir

A cultured Noble is one that has been sheared so that its branches are closer together creating a fuller look.

A natural Noble has been sheared less, or not at all, creating a more layered look with more space between its branches.
Nobles have a very good "shelf life" indoors.

Grand Fir

Grands come sheared or unsheared.  They have the BEST fragrance, but the shortest "shelf life" once indoors.  We don't recommend buying this variety too early in the season.  Be diligent with daily watering!

Douglas Fir
Oregon's state tree!  

This Douglas Fir has a
traditional full shape. 
We also have Douglas Fir
with a more natural look.  
Their indoor "shelf life" is medium. 

Nordmann Fir
The Nordmann Fir is quickly
the similar Noble Fir
as our most popular variety, due 
in part, to its excellent
Very long indoor
"shelf life", and 
our personal
favorite in our home!

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