Merrywood Farm "We grow memories!"

12328 S. Casto Rd, Oregon City, OR 

News and Frequently Asked Questions 

 In addition to shooting the Holiday 2013 catalogue, Pendleton Woolen Mills returned to Merrywood Farm to shoot its 2015 and 2106 issues as well. Pictured below is one of the models standing among our Christmas trees.  

Photo credit Pendleton Woolen Mills

Each year we have a different  large-scale diorama on display for your enjoyment. William makes these himself.

Merrywood Farm Named A "Secret Sweet Spot"
Our farm received the distinction of being named A Secret Sweet Spot by Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory (a division of Clackamas County Tourism Council). 

Barn Museum
In 2007 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our family barn, completely restoring it to its original glory.  The barn now houses a museum of antique farm equipment and will be open during the Christmas tree season for touring.

After finding the perfect tree, conclude your day in the country with a visit to our neighbors' new post-and-beam tasting room at Christopher Bridge Cellars. Please visit their website for more information on their award-winning wines and vineyard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are your trees priced?
Our trees are priced according to the variety and grade of the individual tree.  Most range (with the exception of Noble Fir) between $20 and $100, but can go higher for premium high-grade trees. Nobles start at $50, and are pre-cut, as they grow best in a field at a higher elevation.  Trees are marked with a colored pricing ribbon.  Determine your budget, find a tree with the corresponding colored pricing ribbon, and bring the ribbon to the cashier when you’re ready to check out. 

Do you provide saws?
Yes, we provide hand-saws or we would be happy to cut your tree for those who are unable.  It's also a good idea to bring your own saw, as occasionally all of ours are out in the field.  

Do you sell wreaths?
We do have a nice selection of wreaths, centerpieces, and mixed greenery bundles for sale.  Also, our grandkids make and sell pine cone ornaments and twig stars. 

What method of payment do you take?
Checks and cash are easier for us, due to a spotty wifi connection, but we can run cards if need be.

What are your hours?
We are open the day after Thanksgiving and then daily (except Mondays) until we sell out.  Weekdays 10 am to 4:30 pm, weekends 9:00 - 4:30.   Closed Mondays.

Do you sell food and beverages?
We have free hot cider available but we do not have other food service.

Do you have a tree baler?
We provide twine for your use, but we do not have a tree baler, as some tree varieties can be damaged by the baling process

Can I bring my dog?
While we love dogs, they can create an unsafe or uncomfortable situation for some of our customers.  Due to prior incidents, our insurance carrier stipulates that we not allow dogs on the grounds. They must remain in your car, but we will send them a treat when you check out!  

Are your U-Cut fields muddy?
Yes, our fields can be muddy–it's Oregon!  We advise that you wear boots and use caution while walking through our fields, as they are slippery and there are Christmas tree stumps that can be a tripping hazard. The Pre-Cut area is wet, but less muddy.

Are your Pre-Cut trees fresh?
Our pre-cut trees are the freshest around because they come from local fields.  We cut new trees all week, so they are fresh for the weekend.  Trees are dormant this time of year, so they stay fresh outside in the cold. Because we don't deal in volume, once our trees are cut, they are kept propped up outdoors in their own space. They are never stacked or stored in large piles or boxed in a truck.

Do you have extra tall trees for vaulted ceilings?
We are known far and wide for our tall trees!  Come and reserve yours early, as they go quickly.

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