12328 S. Casto Rd, Oregon City, OR

"We grow memories!"


Merrywood Farm


December 23, 2019 update:

We are closed for the 2019 season. Thanks for a great year! We hope to see you in 2020!


  *Our  insurance policy stipulates that we can't allow dogs on the grounds.  Please leave your furry friends in your car and we will send them a treat when you check out.

  *We have chosen not to use chemical sprays that may harm our abundant wildlife, so while you will notice our field is more "weedy", we feel good about our decision!

U-Cut vs Pre-Cut

  *To compensate for the shortage of average “room-size” U-Cuts, we will have over 1000 freshly-cut trees this year and we will remain open while these Pre-Cuts last. 

 *Why is this?  In the last few years several local tree farms have closed their doors, resulting in a vast and unexpected customer increase for us. This has left our U-Cut field  rather depleted, as most of our trees require a 10-year growth cycle from planting to harvest. What is currently left in the field are mostly small, 3-4 footers and trees over 10 feet tall. 

We cut and restock fresh trees from a nearby field each morning. The trees are dormant now, so they stay plenty fresh in the cold outside air while waiting to be chosen. 

If you require assistance, look for a Merrywood family / staff member in a red coat.

Free Weekend Pony Rides


 On weekends during the tree season, we offer complimentary pony rides for our customers' children (under 100 lbs). Our two ponies, Toby and Katie, are elderly and work very hard, therefore we are unable to offer rides to the general public. 


Christmas Traditions

 We hope your annual stop at Merrywood Farm will be one of your family's most treasured Christmas traditions! We are open for business the day after Thanksgiving, and then Tuesday through Sunday while supplies last. Weekday hours are 10 am to 4:30 pm. Weekend hours are 9:00-4:30. Complimentary hot cider and a warm fire await your arrival. We look forward to seeing                         you! 

~Thank you from the Keyser Family~